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ONE brand expanding into the future, built upon the combined 100 year history of three great companies with the same “customer first” driven culture and performance.

Through careful coordination and innovative programing between TSP MFG and U.S. Bolt,
WN Global is able to become a single source partner with our customers, offering MRP Planning, collaborative and integrated production programs, and supply chain management and integration.

Optimizing the flow of production starts with the right planning. With our vast experience, and deep expertise in Oil and Gas and OEM production, WN Global will help your company develop and implement processes that help production operate smoothly and efficiently.

The smallest components are the points that hold together the larger, highly sophisticated components of our customers products. It is paramount that these fasteners are manufactured to hold fast in harsh environments and extreme operating conditions. The engineered bolting we supply helps to ensure safety and uptimes in production.


Coordinating production and distribution is a key strategy in optimizing the performance of your company. With our specialized planning, procurement, management and logistic experts, WN Global helps execute and manage the multitude of aspects necessary in a production cycle, including Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI).

Optimizing the supply chain and logistics of your company helps to maximize production and keep the process flow effective and efficient. WN Global helps to analyze and optimize the supply chain for your production with our group of degreed mechanical engineers that span the spectrum needed to fully address and integrate customized solutions.


Our shear screw and pin products deliver unique value to our customers. Highly engineered with proprietary processes and rigorously quality checked in our certified labs, we are able to deliver products that are compliant to our customers unique specifications.


Risk Mitigation

Risk is mitigated by insuring that the supplied product meets, or exceeds the highest levels of quality for safety-related applications. We help mitigate the risks of any failures or down time by having rigidly controlled processes for raw material production and procurement, in-house manufacturing, heat treatment, mechanical testing, metallurgical evaluation and physical dimension inspection and verification. Our High Integrity Bolting assures proper performance in critical-service applications, such as offshore E&P Equipment. Added inspection and testing of commercially made, commodity Bolting can never insure conformance at the levels required for these applications. The product integrity must be built in, through process control, from the very first step.


Dependence on our value-add Supply Chain Management programs mitigates risk by insuring selection of the correct manufacturing source for critical components, and making those components available at the assembly point-of-use to coincide with demand. Eliminating the risk of failed production schedules keeps your product flowing through manufacturing, allowing you to meet your throughput expectations and customer delivery commitments.

U.S. Bolt - API20E-0001 / API20F-0001

TSP Mfg. - API20E-0005 / API20F-0005


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WN Global delivers integrated engineered bolting and supply chain solutions through superior in-house  engineering and specialized supply chain strategies. WN Global is your single vendor advantage, becoming your true business partner in production programs.