Risk is mitigated by insuring that the supplied product meets, or exceeds the highest levels of quality for safety-related applications. We help mitigate the risks of any failures or down time by having rigidly controlled processes for raw material production and procurement, in-house manufacturing, heat treatment, mechanical testing, metallurgical evaluation and physical dimension inspection and verification. Our High Integrity Bolting assures proper performance in critical-service applications, such as offshore E&P Equipment. Added inspection and testing of commercially made, commodity Bolting can never insure conformance at the levels required for these applications. The product integrity must be built in, through process control, from the very first step.


Our value-add Supply Chain Management programs mitigates risk by insuring selection of the correct manufacturing source for critical components, and making those components available at the assembly point-of-use to coincide with demand. Eliminating the risk of failed production schedules keeps your product flowing through manufacturing, allowing you to meet your throughput expectations and customer service commitments.

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